The Penelopes – “Charts February 2015″

The Penelopes -

The Penelopes – “Charts February 2015″


Intro (Du Tonc: Every Song/Mocki : Weekend)
1. Bipolar Sunshine : Daydreamer (Gryffin Remix)
2. Bleu Toucan: Imagine (Reflex remix)
3. Karin Park & Pandora Drive: Hurricane
4. Chromatics: Hands In the Dark (Unreleased 12 Inch version)
5. The Egg: Electric City (Radio Edit)
6. Du Tonc: Every Song
7. Milk & Sugar vs Simon Harris: Bass (How Low You Can Go)
8. CatCat: Bang Bang (feat. Qveen Elizabeth) (Dan Caster & Edouard! Remix)
9. Erconomics: The Lifting
10. Fritz Kalkbrenner: Void (Original Mix)
11. Petite Meller : Baby Love
12. Mocki : Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)
13. Lxury: Square 1 (feat. Deptford Goth)

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